Reasons Behind Increasing Demand of Seafood

Seafood is highly available and nutritious food. Fresh seafood is widely available than ever before due to its increasing demand. Various researches and studies have proved that seafood is the ideal source of vitamins. Seafood also contains essential fat and iron required for better health. Most seafood can be bought canned which can be cut down at the time of cooking but still provides several health benefits. The top three reasons why you should eat seafood:

1. Fish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids - Fish is the only seafood that is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3’s can prevent cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis and even heart disease. Fish is also low in saturated fat.
2. Seafood strengthens your immune system - Researches have proved that many varieties of seafood including shrimp and fish have high antioxidants which can enhance your immune system and reduce heart diseases risks.
3. It reduces cancer risk and sharpens the brain - Those people who habitually eat seafood have low or minimum risk of getting cancer of mouth, throat, lung, pancreas, colon, etc. and decrease the rate of dementia by 40%. Seafood reduces inflammation in the brain.

Malaysia is the largest sourcing hub of seafood, fish and shrimp. Malaysia fish have extraordinary grow out and a reliable record of harvesting significant crop every year. Due to reasonable price and taste of Malaysia seafood, it becomes the obvious choice for the restaurants and hotels. Malaysia is rapidly gaining a foothold throughout the world due to its excellent quality and competitive price.

Many of the hotels and restaurants all over the world and especially in Asia now offer several delicacies made from Malaysia seafood like fish and shrimp. This increasing popularity of Malaysia fish and shrimp has made seafood a major industry in Malaysia and shrimp is the most important crop for Malaysia seafood industry. Demand for Malaysia fish, shrimp and entire seafood range will increase further in the future as more and more people realize the benefits of eating seafood.

Siam Canadian is one of the biggest names in the seafood exporting industry in Malaysia and offers a complete range of Malaysia seafood products like Malaysia fish and Malaysia shrimp.

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