Red Nose Shrimp, Arrow Shrimp

Originated from India, the Red Nose Shrimp has a unique slender transparent body with a long bright red rostrum, which attributed to its nickname ? Pinocchio Shrimp. A health male shrimp has completely clear body and red markings on the rostrum, tail and body, although the female species is smaller and may be less colored.This Shrimp is predominantly herbivorous, preferring algae of all sorts and is great for hair algae. However, if this food source is scare, it may turn to delicate leaves, mosquito larvae or leftovers such as flakes, pellets and small pieces of fish meat/shrimps. Hence, it is an ideal clean-up crew member of a suitably stocked community tank.Unlike other species, Red Nose is not shy and will often drift in the water flow with its nose pointing towards the gravel and steer with entertaining paddling movements. Otherwise, it will just gracefully rest on driftwood. It is peaceful and adaptive but also an appreciated food source for many predatory fish and larger fresh water invertebrates.Currently, almost all specimens available in the market are from the wild as the eggs are hatched in brackish water. Young larvae require full strength saltwater to survive before metamorphosing into post-larvae (miniature shrimp) and returning to freshwater.

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