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Who else likes red lobster biscuits? Which recipe for red lobster biscuits do you like best, and why? Of course, some of us just like most red lobster biscuit recipes, and will eat anything set in front of us. However, I know that many of you are more picky - you like some recipes but not others. And yet there are dozens of these recipes publicly available. How do you find the one you like? After all, you can't just make them all to try out, can you? That would take practically forever!

What many people do is look at the reviews for that particular recipe for red lobster biscuits. As far as it goes, this sounds like a good approach. At least, until you find contradictory reviews on the same recipe! Reviewer A says, "Great!" but Reviewer B says, "Bleah!" Not to mention that many recipes have their own advocates. In the end, you are back to square one.

You really need to read why a reviewer likes or dislikes a particular recipe for red lobster biscuits. If the recommendation is from a friend, it's easier. You can just ask them why they feel their red lobster biscuit recipes are the best. In this manner, you can quickly cut down on the number of recipes for you to try. Instead of having to try dozens of recipes, you only need to try three or four.

Basically, you want to go beyond the person's stated opinion to discover the facts. Someone who dislikes cheese may rate otherwise good red lobster restaurant biscuits poorly because they contain cheese. Others find that spicier recipes are more suited to their taste, while yet others prefer recipes which taste richer.

As you can see, you should not just rely on surface impressions to rate a particular recipe. If your friend likes cheese and you don't, then his favorite recipe for red lobster biscuits will not satisfy you, will it?

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