Shrimp And Grits And Other Southern Flavor Favorites

Similar to the Southern countries, Charleston is popular in several types of seafood dishes.The visitors like the local special preparations and buy them to know more about the place and its customs. The beaten biscuits that are famous in the South is not commonly found in other places in the country, hence the visitors relish them.
One local favorite is shrimp and grits. This combines shrimp, often from the nearby coasts, with another Southern favorite, hominy grits. Grits are made from dried hominy which is corn treated with a lye solution. This solution causes the husks to come off and the kernels to swell. This changes the texture and flavor of the corn and helps create the flavor and creaminess of cooked grits.
Found on the menu of many restaurants, as well as being served at home, grits are often served for breakfast in the South. Add cheese and garlic, or onions and peppers, and grits make a delicious side during lunch or dinner, as well. A common staple of Cajun and Southern dishes is what is know as the "trinity." The trinity includes celery, onions, and green peppers.
A dish that is made in various ways from different recipes is shrimp and grits. A lot of the recipes use the "trinity", celery, onions and green peppers, and a selection of different spices. The most common spices are often Creole or Cajun flavor mixes. Also many of the recipes include various types of cheeses. Garlic is called for in almost all of the recipes as it is a natural match to the shrimp's own taste. The earliest shrimp and grits was just a straightforward dish but it was a standard breakfast for fishermen and their families during the shrimp gathering period.
Earlier the dish of shrimp and grits had a few fried shrimps in lard or bacon grits along with plain cooked grits.A lot of cream is added in the new recipes, which saute the shrimp in butter rather than in other types of fats. Many visitors will be surprised to see this dish given for breakfast also.
If you ever travel to the low country surrounding Charleston, don't forget to sample the shrimp and grits. It's often considered a breakfast item, for the more adventurous. No matter what time of day you eat them, this tasty Southern delicacy is worth trying. After you taste it, you won't be sorry you did! As a matter of fact, some of you may even wish they were local fishermen!

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The popular item from Charleston is shrimp and grits, which includes shrimp from the coastal areas along with hominy grits that are famous in the south. Grits are made from corn that is treated with a lye solution. The husks are removed with the help of the solution and the kernels are made to swell. The flavor and the texture of the corn is changed, which creates the flavor and creaminess of cooked grits.