Shrimp And Grits: Historically Important, Wonderfully Delicious

For generations, eating shrimp and grits is commonplace for people living in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Shrimp and grits ( is the typical breakfast for many of the Charleston area fishermen during the shrimping period, which ordinarily runs from May through December.

In recent years, the popular dish has been served as a meal in both diners and expensive restaurants alike, and is served not just for breakfast, but for any meal. Restaurants compete by varying the dish but also maintaining the basic charm and appeal of the original shrimp and grits dish. Grits served alone are most commonly served with milk and butter as a side dish for breakfast or dinner.

You might not know what grits actually are. Sometimes referred to as hominy, they are a cooked mash of corn developed by the Indians of the Carolina territory. In the late 1700s and early 1800s, they were a bridge between the American Indians and the caucasian, European-born immigrants which pre-dated a common tongue. It has been considered to have been of major importance that the Indians introduced grits to Sir Walter Raleigh in 1584 and eventually to the Jamestown, Virginia colonists.

Knowledge of the agriculture of corn and the food preparation of corn was passed from the Native American tribes to the colonists. In abundance in the region, corn, and the grits that were prepared from it, soon became a staple of the settler's diet too.

Centuries later (in 1976) South Carolina declared grits to be its official state food. This was done to recognize the contribution of grits to the sustenance, culture, economy and history of South Carolina. The Southeastern portion of the US, a region from Louisiana to the Carolinas, is known to some as America's 'Grits Belt'.

For some people, getting through a day without consuming grits is almost conceivable. It is a daily necessity for these folks, and they are very insistent that their grits be prepared in the traditional fashion, with real ingredients. These purists would never consider eating packaged instant grits or the like. In fact, in some regions, grits are considered a necessary side dish served along with staples such as seafood and shrimp. There are many recipes for shrimp and grits which and be found online or in various cultural recipe books.

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For many decades, shrimp and grits ( has been a mainstay of the diet of the people living in and around Charleston, South Carolina. Restaurants compete amongst themselves by varying the dish while retaining the basic taste and charm of the shrimp & grits recipe ( Most commonly served as a side dish for breakfast or for dinner, grits by themselves are usually served along with milk and butter. Many recipes variations, including for Charleston shrimp & grits (, can be found online, or in regional recipe books. In 1976 South Carolina declared grits to be its official state food.