Shrimp And Grits: Popular Southern Food In America

The people living in and around Charleston, South Carolina have been know to include shrimp and grits as a main part of their diet for decades passed. Through May to December, which is shrimping season, the dish itself is an iconic breakfast meal of coastal fisherman and communities.
This popular southern dish has migrated over recent years from the breakfast table into diners and luxury restaurants as a meal all dressed up to be served any time of the day or night. The recipes vary as the restaurants seek to differentiate their grits dishes in order to stand out from the crowd. Although commonly a side dish, grits alone is generally served with milk and butter.
What are grits made of? Grits are made from a mush of soft corn. Grits, invented by the Native Americans of the Carolinas, were once called hominy by the settlers to the area. Hundreds of years ago, before a shared language developed, grits served as a communication medium and means of trade between the Colonists and the Native Americans. As far back as 1584, the Native Americans shared grits, and their knowledge of grits, with the colonists including Sir Walter Raleigh.
The Native American people helped the settlers by teaching them how to grow and cook corn. The settlers soon incorporated corn and grits into their diets and ate them often. Corn became one of the most important foods for the settlers.
Today, the nation's 'Grits Belt' stretches from Lousiana to the Carolinas. Hailed for its great contribution to the region's culture, economy, and traditions, as well as to the nutritional sustenance of the area's people, grits was even declared the official state food of South Carolina in 1976 through an act of the legislature.
To many people living in this region, a day without grits is like a day without sunshine. They hate and have no respect for pre-packaged instant grits, or quick grits. For them the only way to make real grits is the old fashioned way with stone ground grits cooked slowly. There are, however, some ways to spice up the meal such as adding shrimp. Many recipes for shrimp and grits can be found online or in regional recipe books.

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