Shrimp And Grits Top Great Southern Cuisine

Similar to the Southern countries, Charleston is popular in several types of seafood dishes.The visitors like the local special preparations and buy them to know more about the place and its customs. The beaten biscuits that are famous in the South is not commonly found in other places in the country, hence the visitors relish them.

Shrimp and grits remains a local favorite. Nearby coasts provide the shrimp which get combined with a Southern classic-hominy grits. These grits are made from dried hominy which is corn treated in a lye solution. When placed in the solution, kernels swell which then removes the husks ultimately changing the texture and taste of the corn creating the flavor and creamy goodness of cooked grits.

In the south grits are often served for breakfast. They are regularly offered in restaurants too. In Southern cooking you will find that common ingredients to add are celery, onions and green peppers. These ingredients are often called the "trinity". By adding ingredients such as the trinity, different cheeses, garlic and other spices grits can be side dishes for other meals as well.

There is an array of recipes for shrimp and grits. It is a dish that is made in many different ways. The "trinity" and an arrangement of spices are a common theme. Creole and Cajun blends are a popular seasoning option. Cheeses are also included in a number of recipes. Garlic is included in almost every recipe, because it complements the natural flavor of the shrimp. A staple among breakfast foods for fishermen and their families during the shrimp harvest, shrimp and grits were originally a plain and simple combination.

Originally, shrimp and grits ( consisted of ordinary cooked grits along with shrimp fried in bacon grits or lard. Today, butter is used to saute the shrimp instead of more unhealthy fats, and most recipes often include heavy creams. A lot of tourists will be shocked when they discover this is also a common breakfast dish, too.

If you have the chance to travel to the low country around Charleston, be sure to try shrimp and grits. If you are really brave, you can even try it as a breakfast, but whenever you eat them, this is a delicious Southern delicacy worth a try. If you try it, you will most likely be glad and may even wish you were a local fisherman!

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The popular item from the local place is shrimp and grits (, which include shrimp from the coastal areas along with hominy grit that is famous in the South. Grits are often a breakfast food in Southern cuisine and commonly are served in restaurants as well as in homes. They are also served as a side dish for lunches and for dinner, often combined with ingredients such as cheese and garlic, onions and peppers. If you have the chance to travel to the low country around Charleston, be sure to try this dish.