Smoked Salmon Appetizers Are Delicious And Elegant

As the holiday entertaining season approaches, you may already be stressing about what you're going to serve at all of those dinner parties and gatherings you'll be hosting and attending. You want to give your friends a delicious snack that's easy to eat, but with so many diets and fads out there, it can be hard to find something everyone will enjoy. And of course, at the same time that you want to impress, you'd also like to save some money for holiday gifts. Also, something quick and easy would be great, since who has the time to make anything complicated. What fits the bill? Smoked salmon appetizers, of course.

When you have a lot of picky eaters coming over for dinner, smoked salmon appetizers are a great way to please everyone's needs and dietary restrictions, without killing yourself in the kitchen. You'll also be able to stick to your budget as well. And your guests won't be able to tell, as they indulge in the rich colors, flavors and textures of smoked salmon, that you saved money while preparing your great variety of appetizers. It's a wonderful way to please everyone's palate, and please your pocketbook too!

There are many different varieties of smoked salmon appetizers, but which should you choose for your party? We've selected three different recipes that are not only easy, but are also elegant and sure to impress your guests. You can use any of these appetizers as part of a larger buffet or meal, or on serving trays at a party. One of the easiest, and most elegant appetizers of all is our first choice. Simply place smoked salmon on pumpernickel bread rounds that have be spread with cream cheese. If you'd like to update this classic smoked salmon dish, you can switch the bread to rye, and substitute fresh chèvre cheese for an added zing.

When you're looking for an easy yet classic dish, there are many smoked salmon appetizers that fit the bill. One of the easiest is a smoked salmon dip. It's a great way to give your guests something to enjoy with a vegetable or cracker, without a lot of work for you. Simply take your smoked salmon and a block of cream cheese, and blend them in a food processor. It's really that easy, and can be a great way to keep the food flowing at your party. For added excitement, try mixing in chopped chives, or smoked salmon chunks, to spice up the texture of your dip.

A smoked salmon appetizer that's classy and elegant is also the most simple. The reimagined salmon sushi roll uses your salmon in place of rice. Simply lay your salmon out flat, and place a line of ricotta cheese mixed with lemon juice, and a dash of salt and pepper, down the middle. Now roll it up, cut it into sushi size pieces, and you're ready to roll!

Smoked salmon appetizers are a great way to please your guest, and as you can see their simple and easy as well! So give these a try at your next party!

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