Smoked Salmon Gift Basket Gifts

Gift baskets are a favorite gift come Christmas time. Without spending a lot of time or money, you can give gifts specified to the tastes of everyone on your list. However, some gift basket options, such as the castle of cookies, are sure to be an oft-received gift. But don't fret, there are more creative gift basket ideas that are sure to dazzle.

Smoked salmon gift baskets are an especially elegant way to wow your friends and family. Classy and upscale, salmon has become a staple of many a Christmas morning breakfast. By the time you've bought everything you'll need to complement your salmon though, money can start to be an issue, not to mention the extra trip to the grocery store you would have to make.

But who wouldn't want a brunch of smoked salmon? Now imagine that you have bagels to go with it, of all different kinds, and that they're slathered in cream cheese and covered in capers. Now that would be an amazing breakfast!

I know that this sounds good, but it does leave the question of how to pull it all off. With a smoked salmon gift basket, of course. It's a must have Christmas gift, better than cookies or popcorn. And there are many different options for customization. Salmon, of course, is the staple, but there are many other pieces to the basket for you to choose, tailored to the likes and dislikes of anyone.

First off, you get to choose which salmon best suits your needs. You can go with the classic Alaskan smoked salmon, delicious and colorful. Or if you're into natural products, natural smoked salmon is a must have. And who's the say you can send both, so that everyone can pick their favorite?

And then there is the choice of bagel. Do you like a wheat or white bagel? How about whole grain? You can chose the bagel that best matches the salmon that you've chosen, and your personal tastes. And the choices don't end there.

Next you have cream cheese to think about, what smoked salmon gift basket would be complete without cream cheese. Do you like regular cream cheese or low fat, whipped or regular, perhaps a flavored cream cheese such as chive. And don't forget the capers, a perfect accompaniment.

This Christmas, go with an upscale option for your gift basket--smoked salmon. The people on your gift list will never expect to open your present and find such a unique, upscale surprise. And as they enjoy their delicious breakfast, courtesy of their smoked salmon gift basket, they'll be thanking you!

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