Smoked Salmon Gift Baskets

Smoked salmon has long been thought of as a delicious, but expensive treat, seen only in fancy restaurants or on special occasions. Perhaps you might buy freshly smoked salmon to celebrate a holiday meal, but it was an occasional splurge, not something on your usual menu.

But now it can be! By ordering a fast and convenient smoked salmon gift basket, smoked salmon can go from a rare treat to an everyday delight. And everyone in your life who enjoys smoked salmon can now do so with ease, with a gift basket delivered right to their home!

And there are so many different products to choose from. If you had assumed that you would only have a choice of lox, you'll be surprised by the many different salmon products to choose from, and without ever leaving the house! So you can be enjoying a fresh salmon snack within days of your order!

There are so many products to choose from when making your gift basket. Traditional lox is just the start of your many choices! How about salmon roe caviar? An elegant, gourmet treat that offers you the delicious taste of salmon in a new, exciting, and classy way.

If you're always in a hurry, how about smoked salmon sticks? No more do you need the time to toast a bagel, slice a tomato, and open up the cream cheese to delight in the taste of smoked salmon! Now the rich flavors are ready for you on the go.

If you're a working mom without the time to prepare an elaborate spread, how about a smoked canned salmon gift set! Use what you want, when you want, quickly, and easily, adding the upscale to the everyday while you have the time, and saving the rest of your delicious salmon for your next meal.

And all of these delicious treats don't just need to be for you! With a smoked salmon gift basket, you can share your new discoveries with your loved ones. Build the basket you think they'll love, made just for them, and quickly send it online. In just minutes, your holiday shopping can be done!

Smoked salmon gift baskets can bring what was once a unique treat into your everyday diet, a delicious addition. You can make salmon a snack, a meal, or an appetizer, all without having had to go shopping! Now you can enjoy smoked salmon however you'd like, whenever you'd like!

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