Smoked Salmon Gift Boxes

With the troubling economic times that seem to get worse every day, you may be worrying about your holiday shopping already. How will you manage rising expenses and a dropping paycheck while still making everyone's holiday's a little brighter with the perfect gift. Would you believe me if I said that not only can you impress everyone this holiday season, but that you can do it for way less than you were expecting to pay, and with a healthy gift? No, well you should! Make everyone's Christmas bright with a luxurious smoked salmon gift box.

Have you heard about the amazing health benefits of smoked salmon. It's rich, smoky flavor may make you think it's an indulgence, but it's actually good for you! Smoked salmon is packed full of omega three fatty acids which are important for heart health. So you can snack without guilt! And because of the great deals on smoked salmon gift boxes you can find online, you can also buy without guilt. Your friends will wonder where you found the money to get them such an extravagant gift in times like these, and only you will know how much money you saved.

When you love smoked salmon, you know that it makes the perfect addition to appetizers, whether for a formal dinner party, or for the big game. And the best part is that these smoked salmon appetizer recipes take only seconds to make. For a formal party, you can't go wrong with classic water crackers with a daub of cream cheese. Cover this with a few capers, and drape it with smoked salmon, preferable a deep read Atlantic, for a classy treat. If you're having a less formal gathering, you can make a delicious treat in minutes, by mixing smoked salmon and cream cheese in a blender for a tasty treat that's sure to please.

When you get your smoked salmon gift box, there are many great ways you can incorporate it into your families meals. A great way to start off a crisp holiday morning is with a smoked salmon bagel buffet. Everyone loves a fresh toasted bagel, covered in fresh cream cheese. Add to that a thick slice of deep, rich smoked salmon, and you've got a perfect breakfast. You can also add slices of tomato and onion, and some capers as well.

But don't think that those are your only breakfast choices. If you're an egg lover, there are also many great smoked salmon egg recipes that are sure to please even your pickiest eaters. For a fast and fun breakfast, try scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. Add the smoked salon as the eggs are firming up to make sure that the pieces are mixed throughout your eggs. If you want to impress, a smoked salmon omelet, pairing rich smoked salmon with a creamy cheese like chevre is a classic and classy way to start your morning.

Smoked salmon gift boxes are a great way to bring the delicious taste of smoked salmon to your family and friends, at little cost. Order one today and see for yourself how amazing and flavorful smoked salmon is!

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