Smoked Salmon Gifts - A Great Option

Smoked salmon is a delicious treat, regarded as an indulgent splurge because of its cost. With so many online shopping options however, you are sure to find smoked salmon gifts which will please everyone on your gift list and keep within your budget.

A great place to start is lox. A name for smoked salmon which is served cold, it tastes amazing all on its own, with a bagel, or in many other dishes. Anyone on your gift giving list would love it for whatever occasion they're celebrating.

When ordering lox, there are sereral options to choose from. You can choose from farmed salmon, a less expensive option, or wild salmon, caught in the wild, and thought by some to therefore be healthier, for you and the environment. Both are great, delicious options.

You also have the choice of Alaskan or Atlantic salmon. Alaskan salmon, often purchased by traditionalists, has a rich, creamy texture and a bold red color. It is also amazingly flavorful. Within the category of Alaskan salmon, there are many specific types for you to choose from.

Atlantic smoked salmon is also a delicious treat, and can be bought either farmed or wild. With a smooth, rich flavor and buttery texture, and a color that's sure to dazzle, it is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

There are many other options for your smoked salmon gift. You could go with canned smoked salmon. This will stay fresh longer than other options, and can therefore be stored and used more slowly over a long period of time.

If you're in the mood for a gourmet treat, you can go with some salmon roe caviar. A fantastic, classy, and tasty treat, it is sure to surprise anyone, and is a smoked salmon gift that can work either at home or in a party.

And if many of these options sound good to you, try a smoked salmon gift basket! You can combine any and all of these options, from farmed Atlantic smoked salmon to caviar, and make everyone you're giving gifts to happy!

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