Smoked Salmon in Gift Boxes

With the troubling economic times that seem to get worse every day, you may be worrying about your holiday shopping already. How will you manage rising expenses and a dropping paycheck while still making everyone's holiday's a little brighter with the perfect gift. Would you believe me if I said that not only can you impress everyone this holiday season, but that you can do it for way less than you were expecting to pay, and with a healthy gift? No, well you should! Make everyone's Christmas bright with a luxurious smoked salmon gift box.

Smoked salmon is a great way to keep yourself healthy, while still giving yourself the luxury you desire. It's full of omega three fatty acids, which are known to help keep your heart healthy. So it's a great tasting snack that's also great for you, which is always wonderful. It's also something that's thought of as very expensive, but which you can find inexpensively online, such as with a smoked salmon gift set! Your friends and family will be delighted that you though of them this holiday season, and that when you did, you send them such an extravagant gift.

When you have smoked salmon, the possibilities for amazing appetizers are endless. If you're holding any type of holiday gathering this year, you might want to order some of this flavorful fish for yourself? What kind of things can you do? If you're looking for something simple, all you need is a cracker with a small amount of cream cheese, some capers, and a piece of beautiful smoked salmon laid on top is sure to impress at any party. If your event is a little more laid back, you can stick the cream cheese and salmon in a food processor for a wonderful dip on either crackers or vegetables.

When you get your smoked salmon gift box, there are many great ways you can incorporate it into your families meals. A great way to start off a crisp holiday morning is with a smoked salmon bagel buffet. Everyone loves a fresh toasted bagel, covered in fresh cream cheese. Add to that a thick slice of deep, rich smoked salmon, and you've got a perfect breakfast. You can also add slices of tomato and onion, and some capers as well.

For all you breakfast lovers out there, don't worry, there are lots of other ways to add smoked salmon to your breakfast as well. Try adding smoked salmon to your morning eggs for that extra protein boost to keep you energized throughout the day. In scrambled eggs, simply add small pieces of your rich smoked salmon to your eggs as they begin to form, making sure the flavor is spread throughout. If you've got more time for making breakfast, an omelet which matches the flavors of smoked salmon with a creamy cheese are sure to be a breakfast sensation.

When you're shopping for your Christmas gifts this year don't fret. Send your family the delicious gift of smoked salmon in a smoked salmon gift box, and you'll be sure to please everyone!

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