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Live Maine lobsters have been harvested from around the coasts of Maine for many generations. It's hard to believe that in the beginning, people placed no value in lobster meat. Only the poor ate it. Over the decades, however, tastes changed, turning lobsters into expensive delicacies to be enjoyed by the wealthy in America's finest restaurants. By the 1840s the Maine lobster trade had become so lucrative that the first commercial lobster fishery opened for business.
The most obvious reason for eating lobster is that it just plain tastes good. It might surprise you, though, to hear that it's also extremely good for you. Would you believe that ounce for ounce lobsters have fewer calories, less fat, and about the same amount of cholesterol and skinless chicken breasts?
By examining the nutrition fact sheet on a can of lobster meat, we find that a 3 oz. serving contains only 98 calories with only five calories being attributed to fat. The serving also contains 300 mg. of the important mineral, potassium. The daily percentages of the vitamins and minerals which are supplied by this 3 oz. piece as listed on the can are as follows:
1. Vitamin A - 2% 2. Calcium - 6% 3. Riboflavin - 4% 4. Iron - 2% 5. Vitamin E - 6% 6. Niacin - 4% 7. Vitamin B6 - 4% 8. Vitamin B12 - 45% 9. Magnesium - 8% 10. Selenium - 50% 11. Manganese - 2% 12. Phosphorus - 15% 13. Zinc - 15% 14. Copper - 80%
Just think of enjoying a food that is as high in nutrients as lobster is. By taking a look at the labels on different canned goods you have in your kitchen, you'll be able to see just how high these percentages really are.
Most of the live Maine lobsters are harvested by a crew consisting of a boat captain and one or two assistants. These small crews are able to maintain an astounding 800 traps at a time. Their daily routine involves hauling in some full traps and replacing them with empty ones. They keep track of their traps by using buoys marked with their own designs that have been registered with the state of Maine.
Maine has a twelve-month harvesting season for live lobsters. The majority of the harvest occurs between mid-June and mid-December when the lobster population is most active, but harvesters continue to work catching fewer lobsters during the other months of the year as well.
Although all live Maine lobsters are of superior quality, new shell lobsters are the finest of the lot. When the adult lobsters molt once a year, they rid themselves of their old outgrown shells which are replaced with softer, larger ones that harden over time. It's at the point when the shells are softest that connoisseurs are most anxious to pay the highest prices for them. New shell lobsters have delicate, succulent meat unparalleled by the meat at any other time of year, and the soft shells can be cracked easily with the bare hands.
You don't have to wait to go to an expensive restaurant in order to give into your craving for fresh Maine lobster. There are websites online which ship them overnight, fresh from their door to yours. Add the taste and convenience to the healthy qualities of lobster meat, and you've got a combination that's hard to beat!

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