Time To Buy A Live Maine Lobster

When my friend visits Maine, he always comes home with a few extra treasures. His treasures are, of course, live Maine lobsters; but they aren't live very long.
While unpacking, and feeling blue because he has left his home state of Maine, he suddenly gets excited, because he knows the joy of what he has brought back. One more taste of the delicious lobster his state is known for sends him into a delightful daydream of this culinary favorite.
When traveling in Maine, you cannot leave the state without seeing dozens of signs advertising lobsters for sale-you can even buy live lobsters.
Freshness has a lot to do with the quality of the lobsters. When in Scarborough, Maine, be sure to visit the Pine Point Fisherman's Co-op for some fresh lobster that you are sure to enjoy and will want to bring some back home with you. . Even though bringing lobster home helps, it's still easy to miss this delicious seafood once you have eaten the last morsel.
Lobsters that are sent to you are shipped in insulated boxes with an ice pack and moist paper to keep your lobster at its best. This keeps your lobster cold and provides a supply of ocean water. Thus, all efforts are made to make sure you get the finest quality that you could ever hope for.
All live lobsters are caught fresh off the coast of Maine and New Hampshire. The boats go our nearly every day to catch the finest seafood they can. The lobsters you order online are actually caught the day before they are sent to you.
Are you in the mood for some really good seafood, is going to Maine not in your line of things to do soon?
Enjoy something sweet, delicious, and succulent. Enjoy some Maine Lobsters. Have a seafood feast soon. Don't put it off; you know you are craving the taste all of Maine is talking about-Live Maine Lobsters!

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