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United States is one of the havens of the best seafood restaurants in the globe.

Hook Restaurant is a well-maintained seafood restaurant in Washington D.C. operated by Chef Barton Seaver, who co-owns this place. The grilled calamari and the bluefish are the two most favorite items on the Hook’s menu. The calamari is cooked over a wooden grill and dished up with basil walnut pesto and warm potato salad. Most of the diners like to have it sliced, fried, and served with marinara sauce but the calamari is usually left in one or two pieces while it’s grilled. The bluefish is cooked on a level grill and dished up with grilled lemon together with the same pesto with the calamari and a potato parsnip cake. The bluefish has a great flavor but it rots very quickly and this is the reason why many chefs and home cooks are cautious of using it but it has become one of the top dishes on the Hook’s Restaurant menu and many of their regular diners have really taken a liking to this fish.

This restaurant is specifically a sustainable seafood restaurant. It creates a remarkable dining experience but it’s a restaurant with a conscience because the owners believe that they are also responsible for ocean conservation.

Restaurant Nora in Washington D.C is also one of the prominent seafood restaurants in the United States and it is the first restaurant to receive the organic certification, which means that the 95% of the ingredients used in this restaurant must come from expert organic farmers, growers, and suppliers. Nora Pouillon is the owner of this 23-year-old restaurant and the founding member of the Seafood Choices Alliance, an international association for sustainable seafood. It makes the seafood market environmentally and economically sustainable both on the fishermen and fish farmers to the wholesalers, retailers and restaurants. Menu on Restaurant Nora varies daily and features fresh, in season seafood among its organic selection. Lobster and salmon is one of the favorite seafood that this restaurant prepared because of its versatility, you can prepare this food in many different ways.

The Lundy Brothers Restaurant was serving seafood at the biggest restaurant in the United States with a seating capacity of 2400 persons but now its seating capacity was reduced to 700 people. The New York Preservation Commission chose this restaurant as a landmark in 1992. It was located at the heart of Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn. They offered a wide variety of seafood that is simple and well prepared.

Fore Street is a contemporary restaurant in Portland, Maine. At Fore Street menu, they concentrate on the best raw materials from community Maine farmers, fishermen, foragers and cheese makers. Their menu changes everyday based on the availability of the materials they need in their restaurants but one of the few items on their menu list that has become the signature dish of their restaurant is the wood oven roasted mussels and this is the most requested recipe.

The Newport Bay Restaurant is one of the most well known seafood restaurants in the Pacific Northwest, New Port Bay. This is a relaxing place where you can enjoy the ocean’s bounty. The clamed chowder, flame-broiled Alaskan salmon and classic Halibut fish and chips are always the crowd pleasers and always on the top of the list of their diner’s menu. Truly, in the United States there are a lot of seafood restaurants that offers good food and an astounding ambience.

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