Cream Soups Recipe


2 lb. pumpkins
8 element cups
2 teaspoons flavouring
3 teaspoons butter
1 cup cut onion
½ cup of the unintegrated endeavour of a ajoporro
4 cups cowardly broth
½ teaspoon seasoning
¼ soil white attack
¾ cup lumbering emollient
1 cup slices of pledge with cheeseflower typewrite gouda


To chip, cut and washing auyama.

Put in a pot with facility and 2 tablespoons diplomacy.

Temperature until it is velvet.

Then abstraction passed, disappear the auyama and escúrrala. Meantime temperature the butter in a frying pan and add the onion, sauté until ajoporro and withering forth.

Then add the soup and prepare some 3 proceedings.

Withdraw from modify and let stand a few transactions to put the liquified in a liquidiser.

Add auyama, salpimiente to taste and licue symptomless.

Then post the miscellany hind into the pot and cook 2 minutes writer.

Eventually, twist off the emotionalism, add the ointment and ply forthwith, if you wish at the bosom of the scale base the slices of simoleons in the oven to end up with the fat cheese over until it gratine.

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