A Good Combination of Indian and Chinese Cuisine

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Indian Chinese cuisine is the adaptation of Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques to Indian tastes. It is widespread in certain localities in India, and is also enjoyed by Indian and Chinese communities in Malaysia, Singapore and North America.

It may be helpful to read about India and its history and culture to understand how to approach Indian Cooking. Indian cuisine is as diverse as it's people and geography. Indians did not have written down recipes but were passed on through generations purely by word of mouth. India is a multi-faceted country with a variety of colors, cultural differences, food, festivals, languages, peoples and so on. In this section we introduce you to the different strokes of Indian cuisine.

Foods tend to be flavoured with spices not traditionally associated with Chinese cuisine, such as cumin, coriander, and tumeric Hot chili, ginger, garlic and yogurt are also frequently used in dishes. This makes Indian Chinese food similar in taste to many ethnic dishes in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Malysia which have strong Chinese and Indian cultural influences.

Non-staple dishes are by default served with generous helpings of gravy, although they can also be ordered "dry" or "without gravy". Culinary styles often seen in Indian Chinese fare include chili (implying hot and batter-fried), Manchurian (implying a sweet and salty brown sauce), and Szechwan (Sichuan, implying a spicy red sauce). These correspond loosely, if at all, with authentic Chinese food preparation.

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