Balut: A Must Eat Delicacy In The Philippines

Filipinos are definitely exotic in many ways. The beauty of Filipinas, the talent and the whole country itself, it expresses a complete epitome of being exotic. But when speaking of exotic foods, the Philippines probably has the most exotic ones ever in a single country. To foreigners, these foods may be exotic but for Filipinos, they are almost a common part of everyday meal. Exotic foods are almost common meals located in almost every corner of the country. In cities, one can find food stands who sell different varieties of exotic foods. It even decreases the fact that they are exotic due to its constant presence in many places in the country and even in the cities as well.

Among all of these exotic foods in the Philippines, there is one that stands above the rest. This food is the defining factor of all exotic foods in the country. People say that when you visit the Philippines and failed to eat this food, then your visit was incomplete. This food is called the "Balut". It is basically a fertilized duck egg that has a prematurely developed embryo on the inside. In order to make it, the eggs are fertilized for about 16-18 days. After this, the Balut is boiled with its according length of time. Then it is served and eaten right from its shell. It is also considered as a very famous aphrodisiac. Thus in the Philippines, it is commonly sold in during nigh time. It is also popularly known to produce high-protein.

"Balut" is named after the Filipino term which means wrapped. Today, it has been one of the most controversial exotic foods around. It has been used in television shows as a means of dare to the contestants. One example of this was on the reality show, "Survivor". For most people who definitely don't understand or appreciate it, it really is one of the most delicious foods in the Philippines. One place in the Philippines that is famous for "Balut" is Pateros. The smallest town in Metro Manila, Pateros has been famous for being the Balut capital of the country. Most people say that the Balut in Pateros is the most delicious ones ever in the whole world. Locals of this town has lived on and passed techniques on how to make the best from generations to generations. So for those who plan to visit the Philippines, drop by at Pateros and indulge yourself with the taste and flavor of Balut.

It might be unacceptable to some but for Filipinos, it is one of the country's most treasured delicacies. It has made the Philippines unique from all of the countries in the world. Hopefully, in the future, the world will be ready for it and that the Philippines would make it as an international phenomenon. Many touring television shows have showed it and it just basically amazes every foreigner especially first-timers. It is definitely exotic for some but for Filipinos, it is part of their everyday lives.

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