Chinas Food Processing Machinery Witnesses Massive Growth

Food processing and packaging industry in China is all set to make a giant leap.

The food processing & packaging sector in China has made remarkable strides & is narrowing the gaps on goods produced in the rest of the world. Sales of the machinery for food packaging in China was almost doubled up between the years 2001 & 2005.

The credit for this growth in Chinese food industry goes largely to the massive improvements in technology. A lot of production lines at globally advanced levels are resulting in the opening up of new growth potentials for this industry. The value that's created by this batch of production lines is unmatched with simple machines' singular techniques. There are also enhancements in the devices and workshop, improving the products' quality.

There are still some problems , such as poor inflexibility, insufficient investment of R & D (research and development), and a shortage of aptitudes in international trades that the food machinery industry of China is facing today.

The food processing industry is set to witness further concentration, with the surfacing of a number of big companies & brand names. Besides China's advantage of low-cost, the food machinery segment in the country seems ready to witness constant growth.

As per RNCOS report "Food Processing Market in China (2005)", a booming Chinese economy, with a consumer base of 10 million for processed food has created opportunities for global players. It's found that China possesses 30% of the foods consumed in the world.

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