Chinese Eating Mall: Au Mandarin

200 Vesey St
New York, NY 10285-1000
(212) 385-0313

Chinese food is commonly known as the food for fashion. Chinese food is the talk and popular among the youngsters. Chinese food is so popular and so much in demand that every restaurant have a huge list of Chinese dishes in their menu. One thing more that is commonly known about Chinese food is there wonderful presentation and the unique taste that is not found commonly. Chinese dishes need an expert hand in order to add to its taste and quality.

Au Mandarin is a totally Chinese restaurant where you would find the best quality Chinese dishes that are not only mouth watering but are tempting too. The food is masterfully prepared by Chief Kin Luk, who was imported from the original Paris branch to create a menu that is understated and elegant. All the dishes are prepared with a European influence: the chef excels in blending unusual flavors to create exquisite combinations.

Au Mandarin is a place where you would find excellent atmosphere complimented with the delicious and mouth watering dishes that would take your heart away. Quick service and friendly staff are some of the attracting features of the restaurant. Au Mandarin may be the best Chinese restaurant in the World Trade Center Buildings. It is one of the moist preferred places for the most Chinese food lovers as here finding a better Chinese restaurant is a difficult job.

Au Mandarin provides two separate dining environments with a calmness that is seldom found in NYC. The less formal seating area, completed with cool marble floors and post- modern d├ęcor rests below an open sky lit ceiling. The main dining room is surrounded traditional carved lacquered wood, silk cushions and wall panels finished in silk brocade, transporting you to an elaborate and exquisitely traditional China.

Au Mandarin has delicious Chinese dishes in its menu. The restaurant serves the best kind of Chinese dishes that are not easy to find commonly. Au Mandarin is a perfect place for all the Chinese food lovers.

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