Curry Has Profound Health Benefits

Researchers in America have found conclusive evidence that Curry has profound health benefits. Their research shows that the ingredient turmeric; which happens to be an essential component of the entire curry preparation, prevents diseases like cancer. Previously Curry and bear drinking went hand in hand according to the bear drinkers association of Wales. There were numerous claims that a hot curry after a heavy drinking session minimized the chance of a big hangover.

Additionally it was claimed that Curry soaked up the alcohol and thereby reduced damage to the stomach lining. These claims remained unsubstantiated for a long time until Welsh bear drinkers association decided to fund a study/survey. Surprisingly, out of a sample of 100 bear drinkers who very kindly volunteered to take part in this survey responded to the questions listed below as follows: - Preferred choice of food after a drinking session? 84% not only preferred a hot curry but they said it was a must. ..... Author comments ... I drink between 10 to 15 pints on Friday and Saturday night. Saturday may be a bit more because of football. I make a point of having some food before I start drinking every time

But, around 11pm when the pubs shut... I nip down to the local India and order a very hot curry. I find that it sobers me up fairly quickly and the morning after, as it were, is not so bad..... I put this down to what is in the curry..... Are you an avid curry eater? 87% only eat curry after they've had few bears. .... Their general consensus appears to be that... amongst side effects... it makes people sweat when they eat a hot curry... profuse sweating during the course of a meal lasting say an hour or 45 minutes lowers the alcohol content in the blood stream. The statement that curry "sobers me up" therefore stands to reason and so the claim is a valid one..... By far the biggest endorsement for curry having health benefits and to an extent healing properties comes from the American study.

The study demonstrates that curry and in particular the ingredient turmeric contains properties which prevent certain type of cancer from growing and developing. The type of cancer that the turmeric is proving beneficial in preventing are: - 1) Colon cancer 2) Pancreatic cancer 3) Skin cancer 4) Leukemia Finally, curry and its ingredients are not only benefiting drinkers in pubs across the country in the UK but in Europe as well.

The real exciting news is that serious medical conditions such as the ones above (1 to 4) which threaten people’s lives can also be eradicated, curtailed or even prevented altogether. I suggest that you dig out your old Indian recipe books and start cooking healthy curries for yourself and for your family straight away.

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