Do you like sushi?

If you are not the biggest fan about sushi, you are not the only one. What I do not understand is why people say they do not like sushi when they have not even tried it before. As with most foods, there are several variations and different ways to cook it. All it takes is a little bit of courage to try out the different variations and who knows, you may find something that you like. Sushi is one of the best nutritional sources available to us, which may be one reason people are turned off by it. There are some people that have it in their head that all health food is going to taste bad. Others may be turned off by the fact that it is seafood. But sushi is packed with lean protein, nutrients, and is low in fat. A couple of other healthy parts to sushi are the seaweed wrap, wasabi and ginger. The seaweed wrap, which is called nori, is rich with vitamins and minerals that get lost with many other kinds of foods. As for wasabi and ginger, they contain antibacterial qualities and ginger also aids digestion and improves circulation. By now you get the point that sushi is good for you, but that does not make it appetizing to everyone. However, there are hundreds of recipes for making sushi that many people are unwilling to learn about. There is the basic hand rolled sushi and vegetable hand rolled sushi, but there are several ways to get unique while making sushi. One fantastic recipe worth trying out is smoked salmon and jicama maki sushi rolls. While the recipe is not complex at all, I recommend going to to find the exact recipe. But some of the items that are in the recipe include sushi rice, smoked salmon strips, jicama strips, and eight sheets of nori. When you are finished making it, you will have delicious rolls filled with flavor and packed with nutrition. If you are not a big fish fan, try out somen sushi noodle with wasabi oil and soy syrup. This is a little more complex to make, but worth it when it is cooked. As with the recommendation above, you can find the recipe at the food network online. Some of the main ingredients you will find with this dish are a half pound of somen noodles, chopped scallions, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, and wasabi oil. Not everyone is going to be a big fan of sushi, and there are plenty of people that probably hate it. But try to muster up the courage to try the different variations and recipes out there, because it can be one of the better kinds of seafood you will try. Just because it is seafood and healthy for you, it does not mean you will not like sushi. So give it a chance.

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