Foods In India: Savour The Heavenly Taste Of Earthly Delights

India is the "land of spices" and if you have not tasted any of the delights that the Indian dishes are, you have missed a major part of the experience called India. Different states and cities of India have different kinds of cultures and according to them; there is a distinction between the tastes of people as well. Foods in India are known to be a delight, a true fetish with people, it is simply something not to be missed.

The people who live in India truly realise the importance of the foods that are prepared according to the traditional ways. Even when western food culture has made an influence on the Indian residents, the original food culture of the country has retained its place, especially on occasions in the society.

The best thing about the foods of India is that within the same country, one can get to eat different varieties of delicacies. The north Indian food has a completely different taste to it, which is concentrated on spices that are used in it. The staple food in the north is wheat where at the same time, in the southern part of the country, more concentration is on rice which is the staple food. Western and eastern parts of the country too have their own tastes which are widely different from each other.

In addition to the foods, there are a lot of varieties of beverages too in India. Different preparations are made from fruits and vegetables. Also, the fruits and vegetables are pickled so as to keep for a longer time. This is done with the help of spices which prevent them from spoiling as well as give them an exotic flavour.

So many varieties in the foods in India, different tastes, and preparations can incite any human being to indulge in them. No wonder Indian food is making waves around the world.

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