How to Make Delicious Indian Delight - Gulab Jamun

Wanted to give a try on one of the most delicious Indian delight? I would suggest Gulab jamun is the best best choice for you. The method of preparation is fairly simple but little time consuming but trust me, the taste of gulab jamun worth it.

So lets get started with the ingredients we might need to get things started


1.5 cups maida flour (all purpose flour)

1 tea spoon Baking powder

1 table spoon cardamom powder

2 table spoon rose water

6 cups water

3 cups sugar

1 cup milk cream

vegetable/sunflower oil for deep frying


Mix the all purpose flour, baking powder and powder milk in a suitable bowl and make it a soft dough and add some thickened cream and mix it well make sure the dough is not sticky.

Mix the water and sugar in a deep pan and boil till sugar gets dissolved in it completely. Take it out off flame and add cardamom powder and rose water and keep it to cool.

Make the dough in to small size balls approximately to the size of a pingpong ball and you can make it to any desired shape you want but balls are usually preferred.

Now heat the oil for deep frying in a pan, make the flame to medium so the dough gets enough heat to get fried completely

Put the dough balls in to heated oil and keep stirring gently to get the dough balls fried equally.

Once the balls gets the golden brown color remove it out of the oil and allow it to cool for sometime and put the balls to soak in the sugar syrup for about 2 hours.

Serve the gulab jamun chilled to make it taste better, you can also have it served with thick ice cream it makes a wonderful addition and you can also garnish the gulab jamun with almond shavings and other dry fruits.

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