Indian Mobile Companies To Produce Cheaper Handsets

By 2007, Indian mobile users can look to get a color mobile phone for just US $45. With increasing number of mobile companies setting up their units of manufacture in India, it is anticipated that the mobile handsets costs may fall as low as US $20.

Customers of mobile services might finally witness the 3G-rollout. They have been waiting for this mobile service market for years now. Companies, situated in China, Taiwan and Korea, have got deals to make low-cost mobiles for India.

In 2007, the government of India is hoping to get new investments of about US $2 Billion in telecommunication manufacturing. India got Nokia entering into this sector trailed by Flextronics, Motorola and a number of other companies.

Followed by China, India is the fastest developing market for mobiles in Asia. Indian mobile market is being viewed as a place where performance of GSM and CDMA segments submerge, and indicate towards their futures.

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