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If you think of India, of one of the first things that may cross your mind is how diverse the country is. Until today, diversity is one of the characteristics that best describe India. India is relatively a large country with a population that comes third when compared to that of China. Every area and in every state in India celebrates many different languages, dialects, unique traditions, and most importantly, Indian recipes. Food in India is so diverse that a common Indian cooking recipe in one area may be completely alien to the people living from another region.

There are two things that make Indian cuisine so rich and so diverse. One is India's history. Over the years, many foreign invaders have crossed and stayed in India and in the process have left behind a mark on Indian cooking. To name a few, Portuguese, British, Aryan, Persian, and Arab men have gone to India and influenced the country's history and cuisine. Second is how India values cooking. Here, Indian food is serious business. Cooking is not just an activity you do in the kitchen. Indian cuisine is special because cooking is considered as an art in India. Indian cooking recipes serves as heritage - something of value that can be passed on from generations to generations. Indian food can be made special all year round, but Indian food recipes are made extra special during holiday, such as Pongal recipes.

One of the most celebrated holidays in India, Pongal is the festival to celebrate the Tamil Nadu harvest. In India, Pongal literally means "boiling over". And of course, what makes Pongal a holiday to remember is the serving of Pongal food. The three most popular Pongal recipes are included in the top ten delicious Indian Dishes you must learn to cook. These three are Ariselu, Bandaru Ladoo, and Sarkarrai Pongal. Ariselu is India's famous version of rice flour balls. Indian cooking recipes for Ariselu vary depending on how you interpret it. Ariselu are balls of rice flour and jaggery syrup. The ball is then coated with sesame before it is deep friend. Bandaru Ladoo on the other hand is almost similar to Ariselu, but spirals of gram flour are added to make the recipe tastier. Sarkarrai Pongal, a favorite of many in the Pongal recipe list, is cooked rice with milk and dried fruits.

Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot more Indian food recipes than the typical curry, chilly, and oil. Indian cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world. There are Indian food recipes from North India, from South India, and many more. Indian cooking is very rewarding and offers a lot of food for you to enjoy cooking and of course, to enjoy eating.

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