Indonesian Traditional Foods

Your travel to Indonesia would not be complete without having its traditional foods. Below are some of those foods you should not miss them when you come to that country.

Indonesia consists of many islands and many provinces. There are five big islands and more than thirty provinces altogether, and each provinces has its own unique traditional foods.

Jakarta, the capital city of the country, or as its original people called as Betawi, has Kerak Telor as its traditional food. This food can not be easy to find nowadays as Jakarta people like to flock to fast food restaurants and other modern foods which are scattered throughout the city. Kerak Telor would be easy to find on June and July when Jakarta celebrates its annyversary. The celebrations usually takes place at Kemayoran, and there will be many people selling Kerak Telor there. So, if you would like to try this Betawi traditional food, I would advise you to come to Kemayoran on June or July.

Another food from Betawi is Roti Buaya, made of bread in a crocodile shape. This Roti Buaya usually served at a Betawi’s traditional wedding ceremony. Beside Kerak Telor and Roti Buaya, there are also Ketoprak, and Soto Betawi.

Bogor is a small town near Jakarta. Its unique traditional food is Asinan Bogor. In the contrary with Kerak Telor, you can almost find this food anytime you want. Just come to this town, ask people wherever they are, they will guide you to any place selling Asinan Bogor.

Empek-empek is another Indonesian traditional food from Palembang. This province is located in Sumatra Island. This food is so popular that you do not have to go across that island to try this one. There are many Palembang people in Jakarta or in other town selling this food.

Bandung, the capital city of West Java, has many unique traditional foods. Lalapan is one of them. Lalapan is fresh vegetables accompanied by sambal or you may also say spicy sauce. Many believe that Bandung people, usually called as Sundanese, would struggle living in a vegetarial garden because of this lalapan.

Other famous Bandung traditional foods are nasi timbel, comro, batagor, peuyeum, etc. Nasi timbel is rice wrapped in banana leaves, usually served with fried chicken, lalapan, and sambal or spicy sauce. Peuyeum, which is soft and tastes sweet, made of fermented sago. Batagor, also called as baso tahu goreng, is fried meatball and tofu with peanut sausage.

Gudeg is another traditional food which comes from Yogyakarta. Gudeg is made of young jackfruit which is cooked in Javanese traditional way. Like other Javanese foods, gudeg is rather sweety than salty. Other ingredients accompanying the young jackfruit are egg, tofu, and tempe. People usually eat gudeg together with warm rice and spicy krecek. If you have a chance to come to Yogyakarta, do not miss to try this food as Yogyakarta is also known as Kota Gudeg, means The City of Gudeg.

Nasi Rawon is traditional food from East Java. Nasi Rawon is rice served with dark beef soup. The dark color of the soup comes from seeds of kluwek nuts. Rendang or spicy beef comes from Padang, West Sumatra. Padang is famous for its spicy foods, and many of its foods use coconut milk as ingredient.

Another Indonesian traditional food is otak-otak. This food is made from steamed fish wrapped in banana leaves. You can find the great taste of otak-otak in Kota Serang. Beside otak-otak, Kota Serang is also famous for its Ikan Bandeng. Be sure to have them when visiting Kota Serang.

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