Koshihikari Rice

Koshihikari is a short grain rice obtained from the milling of specially selected Koshihikari variety paddy. The grains after milling have a creamy off-white colour and a sweet characteristic aroma. Koshihikari rice has a soft texture when cooked.

I am an expert of Koshihikari, the most popular rice in Japan.
Why don't you try Koshihikari?

-Buy Japanese Rice

Japan is proud of Japanese Rice. So when you are traveling around Japan for long days, why don't you cook Japanese rice for your own!
Rice cost about 1000~2000 Yen for 2kg.

Which brand of rice

We, Japanese are particular to the taste of rice. Although Koshihikari is the most famous in all over the world, other brands are also very tasty.

Which type of rice

Check whether it is Musenmai or not. Musenmai is pre-treated rice so that you don't have to wash before you cook.(How lazy we are!)
I personally feel ordinary type is more tasty, but for you, Musenmai is more convenient and less smell.

Koshihikari sells as a Musenmai at a large supermarket.

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