Krour Thai

362. 8th Avenue @28th St
New York 10001
Phone: 212-239-8792
Thai food is gaining popularity day by day and it is getting becoming a choice for many in order to celebrate there occasions. It is getting a major position in the menus of the parties. Most Thai recipes have a base of onions or, more often, shallots. Shallots are high in potassium and have a slightly different flavor compared to onions - they also cook faster, which makes them a great addition to curry pastes. Garlic and chilies (red, green, and yellow) are used in generous amounts in the Thai kitchen, and mostly is used fresh, instead of bottled. Along with herbs and spices, there are various sauces and other specialty ingredients essential to authenticity. Fish sauce and soy sauce are some of the unforgettable incidents of Thai cooking. To finds a perfect Thai cuisine is a difficult task but when you have a place like Krour Thai all your difficulty disappears.
Krour Thai is a wonderful place located in New York that caters to the best quality Thai cuisine. The menu here has every kind of Thai dish available for your choice. The atmosphere is warm and inviting that would definitely turn your party into a special one. The staff is friendly and polite that offers quick service and does not require you to wait long time for your order. The interior of the restaurant is having so lovely combination that suits every occasion in the perfect manner. All the dishes are prepared in the perfect manner top provide you with the exclusively delicious food. The prices are really affordable. If you prefer vegetarian cuisine then Krour Thai is the best place to get pure vegetarian dishes too. The restaurant has excellent food delivery service.
The casual atmosphere available here, is highly appreciated by the visitors. Among the various dishes there Thai noodles are in high demand due to its special taste and wonderful presentation. Krour Thai is a great place to find the best kind of Thai cuisine in the cheapest prices and excellent taste. The restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the New York City. Whatever may be the occasion but the restaurant boosts that it would definitely make your occasion a memorable one.

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