Lots of Sushi and Sea in Honolulu

What’s more famous for a getaway than a trip to Honolulu, Hawaii? It’s a place where surf and sand meet food and drinks to give you fun and more fun. If you’ve landed up at this piece of paradise, then you’ll want to know of some Honolulu restaurants that would take you beyond the point of ecstasy.

This place can be called the sushi center of America. Japanese food is very predominant among the restaurants of Honolulu. About half of the city’s top eateries serve Japanese/sushi cuisine- Sushi Sasabune, Yanagi Sushi, Tokkuri-Tei, Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar and Steak House, Gyu-Kaku Yakiniku Dining. It’s an absolute blast for sushi lovers, but if you aren’t one of them, there’s really no need to be disheartened. You’ll find plenty of seafood, continental and steak to dig into. Check out Duke’s Waikiki, Chef Mavro, Eggs ‘n Things, 3660 On the Rise for some great grub.

When you define bliss, talk about washing down awesome food with chilled beer and getting yourself a healthy tan. Food will definitely not be a dampener when you’re enjoying Honolulu’s beaches, bikinis and babes.

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