Processed Foods Market: Major Contributor to The Indian Economy

Food processing sector in India comprises fruits, vegetables, poultry, meat, milk and milk products, fisheries, alcoholic beverages, grain processing, plantation, and other consumer product groups such as confectionery, cocoa products and chocolates, high protein foods etc.

Indian food is the second most popular food in UK, mainly, driven by its huge demand and enormous popularity in the region. This indicates that a large number of Indian immigrants dwell in the region. A major chunk of ethnic food consumption in Europe is taken over by Chinese food, whereas Mexican and Indian foods take a backseat in this part of the world.

Seeing sharp increase in the Indian food exports market for vegetables and fruits in the years to come, global investors are investing heavily in this sector. The trend is fueled partly by the growth of a large Indian middle class, and the firms that want to serve this market are betting that they can use their foothold in India to cater to the world.

So, big companies, both domestic and foreign, want to aggregate crops yielded from numerous small farms, process them to value added products such as fruit purées, or sausages and get them to the Western hypermarket customers via a cold chain of ocean vessels, cargo planes, and refrigerated trucks.

Other processed food exports comprise ground lamb meat, frozen vegetable packets, rice bags are increasing sharply and making headway in global market. Among processed food products, milk product market needs to be mentioned explicitly. Multiple choices are offered by Retail shelves in the processed cheese segment. In fact, India is among the largest producers of milk in the world.

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