Spicy Food "buntil" From Javanese Traditional Cuisine

Here is one more unique food from Indonesia named "Buntil"
Buntil Food was known as traditional spicy food from Java Island that are East Java, Central Java, Jogjakarta and West Java, but most famous at Central Java and East Java.
Buntil word is the meaning Wrapping, so the Buntil Food means dish of roasted taro leaves wrapped around spices.

Spicy sensation, make you hard to forget it !

A. Buntil Stuffing Ingredients :
- Grated coconut
- Red pepper
- chili
- onion
- garlic
- tiny sea fish
- salt
- sugar
- flavoring

B. Buntil Wrapping Ingredient :
- Taro leaves with purple color
- Alternative material cassava leaves or papaya leaves

C. Buntil Sauce Ingredient :
- coconut milk
- red pepper
- chili
- onion
- garlic
- turmeric
- alpina galanga
- lemon leaves
- lemon grass
- salt
- sugar
- flavoring

Cooking Instruction for Stuffing Buntil : A
1.a. Mills finely red pepper, chili, onion, garlic, salt, sugar and flavoring
2.a. Pouring grated coconut, tiny sea fish, to the dough 1.a.

Cooking Instruction for making Buntil Wrapping : B
1.b. Heap up 7 plies taro leaves
2.b. Put dough 2.b. on the taro leaves 1.b., wrapped around as a ball
3.b. Steamed within 7 hours

Cooking Instruction Buntil Sauce : C
1.c Mills finely red pepper, chili, onion, garlic, turmeric and alpina galanga.
2.c Prepare frying pan and cook doug 1.c until good smelt ±5 minutes
3.c Pouring coconut milk, wait its boiled

Serving Guide :
- Prepare a cup
- Put on the Buntil and pouring the Sauce
- Ready to eat, enjoy it………….

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