The Rich,Intense-Flavored Food of India

The purpose of life is, eating and mating. (just kidding). Indians know well about mating, as we crossed 100 crores

population, so about eating also. Indian Food is really a variety of taste which you can not find in other countries.

There are more than 30 regional languages in india, so more than 30 regional food taste too. Although others

categorize indian food as north indian and south indian, actual fact is much more categories so varieties. In north

india, dal is used mostly and in south it is rice. South India also with 4 major states, tamil nadu, kerala, andhra and

karnataka. The rice used in kerala is quite different from the rice used in other states. Andhra food is much more

spicy than any other states. Others can wonder why indian use much spicy things in food. The answer is spice is

used to digest food easily in hot countries. In upcoming articles, i planned to write about each and every regional

food taste and you can taste something of which in this indian restaurant.

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