The Spicy Wonder Of Indian Food

If you enjoy spicy food then you will really love trying out various dishes that are classified as Indian cuisine. Some of the common spices used to liven up their various dishes include chili pepper, black mustard, cumin, ginger, and garlic. Indian foods are served in grounds rather than individual entrees.

Each meal should consist of a starch such as rice or Indian bread. There should be at least one main dish but it is customary to serve two. The main dishes are generally made with meat or fish. Two vegetables should be offered with each meal. One of them should be a dry form while the other wet such as a soup.

Make sure you save room for the delicious Indian desserts as well though. The majority of them are very sweet so the servings are quite small. Caramel custard is a traditional favorite in the Indian culture. It is quite simple to make and it is very soothing after a heavy meal.

Many people offer Mukhwas after a meal of Indian food because it helps with digestion. Some people have a hard time digesting Indian food without it because of the spices in the foods. It also helps freshen your breath after you eat. This is a sweet type of candy that can be made from a variety of different flavorings.

The most common drink to compliment Indian food is tea. There are several good varieties of Indian tea you can choose from. Other common drinks include lemonade and beer. However in various Indian restaurants you can also select from soft drinks and wines to compliment your meal.

It is customary for Indian food to be eaten with the fingers in a very casual setting. Authentic Indian food restaurants even serve it in a traditional setting with very low tables and cushions to sit on the floor on instead of chairs. If you aren't comfortable eating with our fingers though many of these restaurants will offer silverware upon request.

If you are interested in making various Indian foods at home you will find plenty of great recipe books. There are also numerous recipes to be found online. Depending on where you live you may have an Indian grocery store close by where you can get the various ingredients. If you don't then consider purchasing them online for many great sources. For the best tasting Indian food you really need to work with quality herbs and spices.

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