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Indian cooking is not the same as it used to be, with fancy customized recipes being the flavor of the day. In fact, Indian cuisine is one of the most culturally diverse of all cuisines and have more variations than most other modern cuisines. Today’s chefs adapt their recipes to the needs and desires of the modern Indian and the international palate. It is always a challenge for any chef to improvise on a classic dish in order to make it appeal to a larger international audience, but some of the chefs have shown themselves to be more than ready for it.

Sanjeev kapoor:

Sanjeev kapoor is quite well known in India and overseas for his contribution to Indian cuisine, having invented many a dish himself. In addition to being a chef, he has authored many bestseller cookbooks and hosted quite a few shows on television. Many think he is more a showbiz expert than a thoroughbred chef, but critics can say they what they want, the fact is that Sanjeev Kapoor is a household name in India today and his cookbooks sell more than anyone else’s.

Sanjeev Kapoor’s cookery show Khana Khazana is currently running for more than 13 years at a stretch. It is one of the key factors behind his rise to fame. In addition to cooking, Sanjeev kapoor has quite a few franchise restaurants under his belt, in India and overseas, like the Sanjeev Kapoor's Khazana at Al Nasr Leisure land. In addition to main courses and original recipes, he has produced a line of delicious pickles, masalas and ready to cook items that sell in most India Stores. He has managed to make a few inroads overseas with CNN’s Richard Quest featuring him along with other celebrity chefs from all over the world. His easy narrative style has made him quite popular as a television presenter and speaker at many international food forums. Today, if one wants to learn more about sanjeev’s cooking, then all that he or she would have to do is to purchase one of kapoor’s multimedia cookbooks.

Atul Kochhar:

I mentioned earlier that today, Indian cuisine is evolving rapidly with influences from the western cuisine such as Italian and American. However, there are some who prefer the old and traditional methods of preparing Indian food and Kochhar seems to be one of them. One can even say that Kochhar seems to have reinvented Indian cooking by customizing it with the local flavor without taking away the tradition in the dish. Any Indian should be able to relate to his dishes.

Atul Kochhar started his journey to becoming a renowned chef by being trained at the Oberoi in Delhi. From there, he went on to become the head chef at the tamarind restaurant at Mayfair. It was here that his innate skills were noticed and he was awarded the Michelin Star award. He was the youngest person ever to receive it.

Today, he has his own restaurant named ‘The Benares’. He has a bestselling book to his name called the ‘Indian Essence’ and this book showcases the vibrancy and the subtlety of his recipes. Atul kochhar is currently contemplating plans for a second book, this time around on vegetarian recipes.

Hari Nayak:

Hari Nayak is more than a chef, today he is a restaurateur, author as well as a food service consultant in North America. Hari Nayak started his epicurean journey from the culinary institute of America and today, he is one of the most sought after chefs for his ‘unique style’. When it comes to Indian food, the common misconception is that the preparation style must be complex. Hari has managed to elucidate that Indian cooking can be prepared in a simplistic style, with all the modern trappings, yet appealing to the common household cook at the same time.

From the culinary institute he went on to work in restaurants in New York as well as apprenticing under the renowned chef Alain Ducasse. Today, he is the author of the bestseller ‘Modern Indian cooking’, a book that features the simple yet eclectic style of Hari’s dishes. Hari Nayak has managed to provide a new modern outlook on Indian cuisine, one that is creating a sensation of sorts in North America today.

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