Vedic Foods

The Scientific Aspect

Vedic Foods means high octane fuels like clean water fruits, vegetables, sea vegetables, herbs and their teas, whole grains, seeds, nuts, legumes and plain white yogurt without fruit or sweeteners. Foods not okayed by Ayurveda include low octane fuels - all sugars,excess oils,alcohols, stimulants such as narcotics, tea and coffee, white breads, candies,carbonated soft drinks and sweetened fruit juices.

Modern scientific research has found out the presence of "Phytochemicals" ( "phyto" is a Greek term meaning "plant derived") that are disease preventing ( cancer preventing ) substances in all fruits and vegetables. Eat a variety of coloured fruits and vegetables to get a full range of phytochemicals. One should favour the consumption of less animal protein foods or dairy.
The Solar Ingress into Capricorn and the six months following that Ingress are known as Uttarayana ( The Northern progress of the Sun, Declination North ). This time is known as Adana and we have to eat seasonal fruits like Pomegranate, Water Melon, Orange, Grapes, Tender Coconut and its water, carrot juice etc. The Solar Ingress into Cancer and six months following that are known as Visarga or Dakshinayana ( The Southern progress of the Sun, Declination South ) and we are instructed to eat bittergoud, kovai fruit, guava etc.

Acid-Alkaline Balance - Key Indicator of Health

Foods either leave an acid ash or an alkaline ash. Maximum health is in an alkaline body. The average 20th century diet, stress, pace, lifestyle and environment produce far more acid than is healthy. The human body is alkaline by design and acidic by function, which means that your body's health is dependent upon it being alkaline.

The original source of stress is known as a stressor. Most of the stressors in todays' society ( cigarette smoke, alcohol, stress itself, bad diet, coffee, sodas, pharmaceuticals) all produce an acid state in the body. All cancerous states are acid states of long duration.

Research indicates that 90% of our general population is far too acidic, which leads to a variety of negative health effects. Over time, being acidic is the main cause of degenerative diseases and aging. If you have an acidic body, you become energyless, exhausted physically and mentally and you lose the radiance and shine of skin and hair. Grains,sugar, dairy, animal or vegetarian protein and oils yield an acid ash while fruits, sea vegetables, quality water and herbs yield an alkaline ash You should consume 20% of your food daily, by weight from the acid ash-forming foods and 80% , from the alkaline ash-forming foods.

pH ( standing for 'potential of Hydrogen' ) is a measure of the relative acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The scale of pH ranges from 1 to 14. 14 is totally alkaline and zero is acidic. The middle of this line is 7, neutral. Quality water has a Ph of 7 and you should maintain this level.

It is ideal to incorporate 2 glasses of lime juice along with the 8-12 glasses of water which is taken daily . A diet of 80% alkaline ash foods is ideal. We have to maintain this ratio - 80 % alkalinity and 20% acidity for optimum health.

The effects of having an alkaline body

1) we are calm and collected
2) we have high energy level
3) our sleep patterns are deep
4) we have less colds and flus than normal
5) the immune system is fortified
6) the body has good absorption/assimilation/digestion.

One of the Ten Commandments of Hygiea ( the Greek Goddess of Health is that "Thou shalt eat pure, unprocessed, living natural food". This means we have to eat more natural foods and less processed foods ( which are more or less acidic ). Truly speaking, processed foods,even though they taste well, are robbers as they rob us of our natural, vibrant health. We are, indeed, indebted to Mother Nature for giving us these natural foods or to the Divine Blueprint who created these powerful, natural foods.

The Philosophic aspect

The Vedas averr that the Sun causeth vegetation and from vegetation cometh all food and that the earth is the storehouse of all enery. The food that we consume helps us to tap the negative or positive earth energies. Food influences the mind. We are what we eat. Our present and future are influenced by our thoughts. What you think, you become.

The Vedic food perspective is multi-dimensional.

Cancer, allergies, Alzheimer's disease,pollution of the blood, Stress and depression are all caused by the consumption of red meat, beef and cow meat. Not only that, it will disturb your electromagnetic energy.

The Seers declared that you can stay with lower consciouness animals till your consciousness grows, if you crave meat. Man is basically a fruitarian.

The Five Scientifc Reasons behind Vegetarianism

The key to good health and happiness is Vegetarianism. The Vedic perspective, which is multidimensional includes the medical, ecological and spiritual viewpoints. These are the major reasons

I) The Ethical Law of Reason

Love in Action is Non-violence and because of this noble passion, ethically one desists from killing animals. Inflciting pain is Sin.

II) The Consequences of the Law of Karma

The Law of Cause and Effect, of Action and Reaction and the Grand Law of Causation is known as the Law of Karma.

Divine Merit and Sin have been defined in transcendental literature thus.

Helping others is divine merit.
Inflicting pain is sin.

All actions have reactions, physical and karmic.By involving in inflicting pain to others ( animals included ), one must in the future, experience an equal measure of the suffering caused.

III) Medical Reason

Fruits and vegetables are alkaline by nature and by consuming them we keep our 80-20 percent ratio of alkalinity and acidity.

Vegetarian diet is easier to digest, imposes fewer toxins on the body and provides a wide range of nutrients. Vegetarians are less susceptible to major diseases ( because they are more alkaline than acidic ) and thus live longer. They have smaller medical bills, fewer physical complaints and less frequent visits to the doctor. Their immune system is stronger, bodies purer and skin more glamorous because of natural foods.

IV) The Spiritual Reason

While the Occidental perspective is to consume food which will bring out aggression and dynamism, the Oriental perspective is to consume food which will bring out the latent divinity in man.

Food is the source of the body's chemistry and the subtle essence of food becomes the mind. What we ingest, affects our Consciousness, emotions and experiential patterns. One should abstain from meat, fish and eggs if one wants to live in higher states of Consciousness. By ingesting the grosser characteristics of animal foods, one introduces in to the mind lust, greed, anger, jealousy, anxiety, suspicion, fear etc all of which are locked into the flesh of the butchered animals. For these reasons, vegetarians live in higher consciousness and non-vegetarians abide in lower states of Consciousness.

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V) The Ecological Reason

As our Mother Earth is suffering, we have to understand that Meat is the cause of the escalating loss of species, destruction of ancient rain foreststo create pasture lands for livestock, loss of topsoils and the consequent increase of water impurities and air pollution. Hence by renouncing meat, we save our Planet Earth.

Here we give below foods for the tripod of Body, Mind and Self

Food for Self

Ghee ( Indian Clarified Butter ) and Water energized with Mantra

Food For for Mind

Fruits ( sweet ), Green Vegetables, Coconut, Yogurt, Sugar, Walnuts. Rice ( basmati)

Food For Body

Fruits ( citric ), Vegetables which grow under the earth, Milk, Proteins, Wheat, Corn, Barley etc
Lentils and Spices

Foods to be generally avoided

Eggs ( Can cause ulcers, Heart and kidney problems )
Coffee ( Can cause BP, Arthritis, Nervousness )
Red Meat ( Can cause Cholesterol related diseases )
Old Chocolate ( Can cause Leukemia )
Pound Cakes ( Stagnation of digestive system)
Refrigerated Food.

May I finish my article with a quotation from the Philosopher-King Parikshith " The animal killer cannot relish the message of Absolute Truth " !

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