Why we all love Satti

SATTIsfaction: Why We All Love Satti

Coming from the southern regions of the Philippines and originating from places like India, Bangkok and Singapore, it isn't a wonder why this spicy and exotic food delights us all.

Not only is it very delicious, but it is also actually very healthy. Spicy food like Satti may help people sleep better. Studies also say that they can help fight cancer. Peanuts are also one of the main ingredients used to make Satti and they are said to reduce the risks of diabetes and hypertension.

This blog is for spreading the popularity and awareness of Satti and its properties throughout the web. From majestic Mindanao, Filipinos will be aware that Mindanao is a beautiful place, not a war-torn harbor of terrorists, through the food they taste.

I, Armand N. Nocum, set up a canteen in Edsa which also serves Satti and like products. Now, we are putting up a place in the SM Fairview Food Court named SATTI GRILL HOUSE. The said place will open in June and in doing so, we will be carrying the culture and beauty of our Native Zamboanga along with the food we serve.

We will not only be serving Satti but there will also be a wide range of foods borne from Mindanao. We do not serve pork though because we only serve Halal foods.

I hope that you share in our love and awareness of the Southern Philippines culture by trying out our products.

For more information, please call 9323609 or text at 09195897879 or 09175208013.
You may also email me at zamboyo66@yahoo.com.

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About The Author, Armand
The author is from Manila. He has a Satti business there.