Bringing the Highest Quality Jamons to Australia

One of the most sought after dishes of the post modern times is Spanish cuisines. Spain is known for its Jamon-cured hams-and it is said that though only 5 kilos of Jamon are eaten by Spaniards a year, 39 million Jamons are being produced to cater to international markets.

A long time ago, Los Importadores planned on bringing the highest quality Jamon from Spain to Australia. Now, Los Importadores specializes in importing the highest quality Jamon Serrano from the most sought after regions of Spain. Los Importadores products include: Aciete (olive oil), Queso (cheese), Mojama (air dried tuna), Turron (spanish nougat), Conservas Nardin, and Anchovies.

But what is it with Jamon Serrano also known as Jamon Iberico? Jamon Serrano is said to be the most delicious Jamon in Spain. Serrano means "from the mountains" and Jamon Serrano has this name because it originated from the mountains where the slow process of air curing was one of the best ways to preserve meat.

Jamon Serrano are usually seen hanging from the ceiling and can also be displayed on a stand called Jamonera, in a position perfect for cutting. The cutting or slicing of Jamon Serrano in itself is considered an Art for the reason that the cutting of Jamon Serrano is done manually and not with the aid of any kinds of machine. When cutting the Jamon Serrano, the one who will slice or cut it has to make sure that there is equal thickness for each and every slice he will make.

Traditionally speaking, the making of Jamon Serrano usually happens in the autumn after the pigs are slaughtered and once the weather cooled down. The Jamons are then put to a place where there is minimal water and strong breeze of air. This curing process usually ends in summer time-by which the time the Jamon lost about a third of its original weight. Spaniard says that the longer the Jamon is cured the better flavor it will have.
Other than Jamons, Los Importadores also offers La Amarilla de Ronda olive oil. La Amarilla de Ronda was founded with the idea of producing high-quality Spanish ecological extra virgin olive oils. The product is made from the finest cultivated raw materials, with hope and intention of making them an internationally recognised product or brand.
Spain is the biggest olive oil producing country in the world, yet Italy has obtained greater international recognition through major marketing campaigns. Consequently, one of the challenges facing Los Importadores is to position their brand, La Amarilla de Ronda, among the world leaders, giving Spanish olive oil the recognition it deserves.

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