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One of the most sought after food in the market is Jamon. Spain is known to be the number one producer of Jamon. Though Spanish people do not really eat Jamon everyday, an estimate of 40 million Jamons is being produced to satisfy the demand of the international market.

People in Australia are known to be lovers of Jamon. Though there are related Jamon bans in Australia because of smuggling reasons, many Australians still can’t help to crave for it. "When Australia lifted its ban on selected imported cured meats almost 18 months ago, there was a predictable rush for the top cut," reports said.

One place that is always ready to cater to your Jamon cravings is Los Importadores. Los Importadores specialises in bringing top quality Jamon like Jamon Serrano from Spain to Australia.

According to Jamon aficionados, Jamon Serranos are usually seen hanging from the ceiling and can also be displayed on a stand called Jamonera, in a position perfect for cutting. The cutting or slicing of Jamon Serrano is itself considered an art for the reason that the cutting of Jamon Serrano is done manually and not with the aid of any kinds of machine. When cutting the Jamon Serrano, one has to make sure that there is equal thickness for each and every slice.

Jamon Serrano, also known as, Jamon Iberico is usually aged for about three years to let the flesh darken and harden. Winters in Spain are cool and wet and the summers are hot and dry. This complexity or variations in weather allow the salt to migrate towards the center of the Jamon and then migrate outwards again. Though the salt works to preserve the flesh, many things are already happening in this phase. The flesh is continuously changing and indigenous microflora starts to grow because of the enzymes.

Los Importadores is the only company that brings in premium Quality Jamon in Australia. Los Importadores believes that Australia’s multicultural foundations and its openness to quality and increasing cultural awareness could generate a market for the Jamon to meet the demands of the new age Australian taste buds.

Aside from Jamons, this popular store also supplies la amarilla de Ronda, organic olive oil, organic extra virgin olive oil which eaten together with the Jamon adds a unique texture, aroma and taste of Jamon Serrano.

Visit Los Importadores to know more about the services they provide.

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