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Can you imagine eating at the same Italian restaurant several times in a row? One of our favorite things to do after church is to eat out for lunch. For the last few weeks, we have been going to the same local Italian restaurant when we could have gone anywhere. Last week when my wife suggested it, I thought, again, we were just there, but it is always good. The chef had cast some sort of spell on us. Once again, it was incredible and we love it each time. Well, I started thinking about why someone would return to the same restaurant time after time. Of course, it was because the food was delicious, but why, I asked myself. What was it that the chef was doing that made us so look forward to his Italian cooking?

I came to some interesting conclusions that you can use in your kitchen and home to create that same love for your cooking. The food was fresh and the homegrown herbs were wonderful but it had to do with more than just the food. The restaurant presented a great atmosphere that was personal, relaxed and fun. Have you seen those Olive Garden commercials with the big families? You know, "when you're here you're family". It was that kind of thing. The chef comes out and talks to you, they put on your favorite music and everyone is friendly and easy going. Italian cooking can be a great way to enjoy food and family.

Set the atmosphere in your kitchen and make the experience enjoyable for your family as you enjoy the cooking. Fix a couple of simple appetizers to enjoy casually around the table as dinner nears completion. Get the family involved in the kitchen or setting the table. Put on some music, sing and enjoy. Now, when it comes to Italian cooking you have to think fresh. Get the freshest ingredients, pastas, vegetables and herbs you can find or better yet make and grow some of your own.

Here are some useful tips and special techniques for Italian cooking. In many ways the basics of cooking pasta is one of the most important cooking techniques that makes Italian cooking great. Make sure that if you are following an Italian recipe that you follow the directions carefully. Always make sure you are cooking the pasta in enough water. You should plan to use about four quarts of water for eight ounces of pasta. Cover the pot and bring water to full boil before adding pasta. Leave the pot uncovered while you are cooking, and use a pasta fork to stir the pasta. You can start testing the pasta for doneness a few minutes before the recommended time to see how it is coming along. You should also be looking for only a speck of white left in the center of the pasta. You need to drain the pasta but do not rinse it. Then return your pasta to a warm pot or skillet with sauce in it. At this point, you can add salt to the water to add flavor to the pasta but if you will be paired your pasta with sauce it is not necessary.

Traditionally, in Italian cooking of meats you would usually use the stovetop. You want to brown meat in olive oil or butter with wine. Don't forget you should loosen scrapings from pan and as alcohol evaporates, lower the heat on the pan and simmer meat until tender.

Here is a nice way that you can make your favorite meal a favorite for your family and friends too. Usually, Italian cooking comes in several courses. Present your family with each course and it will create a memorable and enjoyable experience. The first course is usually a soup, pasta, or risotto. The second course is a meat, like chicken or fish, with a vegetable and followed by a salad. The dessert course is usually a fruit, but you can really make it something special by offering a sweet treat.

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