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Okay, we all have our own favourite dish that we love or a particular food that reminds us of home when travelling or living abroad. With so many Australians living and working here in the UK, it is with little wonder that the demand for a taste of home is high.
Historically, many of the traditional Australian food recipes share common ground with food from the UK. This is because of the British immigrants who settled in Australia and made it their home. Each of these immigrants brought their own taste of home some of which became part of Australian cooking and culture.
Meals such as bangers and mash and steak and kidney pie are shared with the UK but let’s not forget Australian favourites including Anzac biscuits, Lamingtons and Pavlova. Snack wise, how about the mighty Vegemite? Considered by many as an Australian cultural icon, Vegemite is loved worldwide by expatriates wanting a familiar snack that is quick and easy to prepare.
If you prefer something sweet how about a Tim Tam? These Australian biscuits, named after the winning horse from the 1958 Kentucky Derby are estimated by Arnott’s who manufacture them to sell about 35 million packets of Tim Tams each year. What about a Violet Crumble? This chocolate bar from Australia is one of the countries top sellers and as the company slogan goes, ‘It’s the way it shatters that matters".
What better way to wash down your favourite Australian food or snack than with a tasty Australian beverage. Famous for producing some fabulous wines not to mention some world-renowned beers, lets not forgot the non-alcoholic offerings. What about Bunderberg ginger or root beer, Cotees orange crush and even Solo lemon tang? All provide refreshment when you are thirsty and help you to feel like your back at home.
Of course, maybe you do fancy something alcoholic. After all, what better way to relax after a hard days work than with a beer or a glass of wine? Why not settle back with a bottle of Carlton Cold beer or if you prefer a nice glass of Saddle Creek Shiraz Cabernet. Whatever your favourite tipple, enjoying a familiar drink can be fabulous affair.
Of course, the thing to remember is that a whole host of Australian food is available online and it does not really matter whether it is a bowl of Fruit Loops you desire or Vegemite™ on toast. The fact is that whatever you want, it can be found with ease online. Choosing to buy these items from a UK based online store gives you quick and easy access to those Australian foods and drinks you know and love.
Would you like to find out more about what Australian foodstuffs are available to order online? Visit today and enter a world full of Australian products.

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