Cajun Seasoning Mix

A great way of boosting the taste in seafood and sauces is by using the Cajun seasoning mixes. At present people are now using a variety of seasoning mixes to increase the range of flavors in their food. The Cajun seasoning mixes rely greatly on black peppers, bay leaves, and bell peppers, on garlic, thyme, celery, sugarcane and onion.

Cajun seasoning gets its name from an ethnic group called Cajun from Louisiana. They are known for their cooking. The Cajun seasoning got its name from the Cajun. The Cajun descended from Acadian. These people use their own ingredients, methods and Cajun seasoning for their food. The Cajun Cuisines relies very much on some ways of cooking like frying, barbequing, deep frying and boiling alongside others.

There are other types of Cajun seasoning recipes which is called All-purpose Cajun seasonings. They are use in any kind of food you may want to cook even if you are not a Cajun cook. You can pick up this all-purpose Cajun seasoning from the supermarkets. It is advised that you use one teaspoon per pound of meat. It is used to seasoning chicken wings, steaks chops and ribs, fish and many other meats. Eggs and vegetables is a great blend for it also.

The Cajun seasoning varies in hotness. It may be hot, extra hot or not hot at all. There is a Cajun seasoning called extra hot which is the hottest Cajun seasoning and it relies on jalepeno powder to deliver the spiciness and burning taste on your tongue.

There is a particular mixture of Cajun seasoning called Salt Free Cajun which helps your food to acquire the flavor you want without endangering your health. This is for people who are more conscious on their diet and want to keep away from salt.

Cajun food can be quit hot for some of us especially for those who have never tried it and also if the food have hot ingredients. All through the years the Cajun seasoning mixes has been used by many other cuisines like the French, the Spanish, the African, the Indian, etc. In spice of this, the Cajun mixes are looked for in terms of cooking because it gives a wonderful flavor to your food.

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