Cuban cigars and delicious food

If you enjoy eating, you might want to try a Cuban cigar at the end of your meal. I guarantee it will be an experience you will not soon forget. I first had mine at an Italian restaurant after some delicious pasta in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Now I don't know if it was the Cuban cigar or the waitress who was ready to rock the boat with me, but it was definitely an amazing experience.

If you are reaaxing for hours like most people do on the beach, than feel free to grab a longer Cuban cigar such as the Cohiba Esplendido and you will be in heaven as soon as you lit that match. My point is you don't need anything else to go with a fine Cuban cigar, but you can make that experience even better with a Scotch or some fine dinner.

In this article I would like to focus on the type of food that will go best with your Cuban cigar. Yes a nice satisfying cigar after a good meal can make your night complete or top off that big lunch. Some people even have breakfast cigars like something very light on the palette such as a Fonseca.

The thing is you can always enhance your own lunch, dinner or breakfast by simply having a nice cigar at the end. Their are some rules as you don't want to smoke cigars while you are eating. This will literally destroy the taste of food and the drink that you might be consuming.

If I smoke before, it must be accompanied with a nice drink. Scotch totally works in this scenario and you can even have some light wine. Moet is a very good choice as it's light and goes very well with a medium to light cigar.

Cigar dinners are actually now becoming very popular. It is unfortunate that in the United States of America, Cuban cigars are not sold (At least legally). As Cuban cigars after a nice dinner with friends and family can complete an already stellar night.

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