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One day not long ago, I sat down to explore why I was so fond of cuisine from Mexico. Healthy Mexican food is delicious and easy to prepare, but there was a reason I appreciated this cuisine more than the rest. Sure, I love a good lasagna. Who doesn’t? But I always preferred the delicious flavors associated with México or Tex-Mex meals.

When I asked my son, his response was simple. "Cheese!" Okay, I have to admit I do like cheese, but there is more. If I wanted copious amounts of cheese, I could order a pizza. After a lot of soul searching, and taste testing to my mind’s delight, I have figured out why I love healthy Mexican food.

What is it I enjoy about this natural good cuisine?

First, I love the sauces. The spicy goodness filled with peppers such as jalapeños, onions, and tomatoes. This is awesome even if that is all I have in my warm tortilla. However, just saying it is spicy does not quite do this delicacy justice. The flavors of Mexico are so much more intricate and complicated.

The use of spices such as cumin, cinnamon, cloves, and oregano is the key to any good dish. With the mingling of fresh fruits, spices, and other ingredients, you can get a smoky taste to a fresh brilliance depending on your preference. In addition, those seductive flavors vary in more than just flavoring.

With the array of colorful vegetables, sweet and spicy fruits, and often mellow meat colors, you will find your eyes are treated to vibrantly colorful dishes that feed more of your senses.

The key to making or preparing healthy Mexican food is to use lots of flavorful spices, fruits, and meats. When you do this, you will find that no one is missing all that fat because the meal tastes and looks so darn good.

Fish, fruits, and other fresh ingredients make this a delicious, healthier cuisine than almost anything native to their northern cousins. In addition, you will find that it is false to assume that Tex-Mex foods are unhealthy! Any type of foods can be made healthier by utilizing fresh over preprocessed. This means you will miss nothing but those unhealthy parts of the meal that you probably will not miss anyway.

If you still must have a fried tortilla, try warming the tortilla, filling with your preference of fillings, and the rolling into a roll. Brush lightly with olive oil, season with pepper or your favorite spices, and the place in an oven for a few minutes. Turn as needed. Remove and enjoy. While this is not quite the same as frying, you will find it is a much healthier alternative.

When it comes to foods, you will find there are some that scream healthy Mexican food is great, and there are an equal number of experts swearing it is unhealthy. However, the truth is they are both right. Depending on how you prepare the cuisine and the ingredients you use, you can have two types of cuisine that are both equally liked but one is healthier than the other.

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