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Until about ten years ago, America's top secret restaurant remained mostly within America itself. It used to be very difficult for foreigners to get a taste of these recipes. Only a few countries that were closely associated with America could get a hold of them and sample them. In fact, American food is lighter than most cuisines around the world, everything is used in moderation. But the overall taste of American food is quite palatable to someone on the move. That is the origin of the term fast food, anyways. Most American food can be classified as fast food. Though there are elaborate meals too, they are mostly imports from other places like France, Mexico, Italy and even England. American food is quick to eat, delicious to taste and most times, nutritious and light on the tummy. Then most countries around the world underwent liberalization policies when they welcomed foreign franchises. America, always a pioneer in understanding and implementing business policies, grabbed this opportunity with both hands. That began a flurry of American chain restaurants being established around the globe. American food suddenly became world food. for more details go to www.dishadvice.com The insular American cuisine now reached out to every country of the world, even the third world countries. Today when American cuisine has surpassed the popularity of even Chinese cuisine, Lebanese cuisine and Thai cuisine in most parts of the world, it does seem that what is being cooked in America is also cooked in restaurants across the world. But it may surprise many of you to know that, whatever the level of penetration of American cuisine may be in a foreign country, they are not getting access to even a tenth of the food that this country prepares indigenously. America seriously guards its elite recipes and lets only the commonplace recipes pass out of its mainland. That is why visitors to America are surprised to taste the real cuisine of America when they get the opportunity. Does that mean that foreigners have absolutely no access to American cuisine in totality? No, that is far from the truth! In reality, non Americans can prepare and taste everything that's cooked in America, even its most secret restaurant recipes. But these restaurants will never popularize that their recipes are available. You must know where to look. The best place to get secret easily cook them yourself is the Internet. There are several blogs and forums where people put up their recipes and discuss with others, and there are places where you can even find the secret restaurant recipes of America. Of course, the restaurants won't give out these recipes themselves; it is the common American people themselves who try to duplicate them and when successful, put them up on the Internet for everyone to share. For more details go to www.300-chicken-recipe.com Top secret restaurant recipes have today become the world's most wanted recipes. But without stepping into American soil and tasting their cuisine on the mainland, you do not know even half the story. Buying flashy books that promise to give you the real deal about American cuisine does not help much. But the tool that most Americans use for everything from combing their hair to solving a medical problem, the Internet, can help you in finding these secret recipes of America.

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