Food and Music is Best in New Orleans

Most Americans love Jazz, and there’s no distracting them when there’s a combination of live music and drool worthy food. Food and music go hand in hand, no two questions about it. New Orleans is where you’ll find the best of both. There’s enough entertainment and cheap eats around for people to forget that it was the same place where Katrina left her devastation. The city’s food scene is a reflection of its assorted population. A good New Orleans restaurant guide would help you find the best of the cuisine you like.

You’ll find some Spanish, Native American, African, French/Creole and Italian cuisines studding the top rated New Orleans restaurant list. The French doughnuts, beignets and Italian sandwiches are what the locals vouch for. You’ll probably want to see why. Never get out of any place without tasting the local specialty. These people also make some delectable pralines. You’ll not find them better anywhere else in the country. If you’re not much into experimenting then you can just stick to some seafood (who doesn’t like seafood!?), fried chicken or plain American cuisine.

The rocking nightlife here adds more appeal to most visitors. They never go back disappointed from this city. A trip to New Orleans is like defining a complete holiday.

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