Fort Collins- Food in Abundance

One really great choice you can make for a holiday is to visit Fort Collins. It was after all, voted the ‘Best Place to Live’ in 2006 by Money magazine. So migration is out of question, but a small trip is not, is it? And you absolutely don’t have to bother about how you’ll keep your gastronomic demands satisfied. Fort Collins restaurants definitely won’t disappoint you. Surely, cannot expect any less from a city that became the lamb feeding capital of the world, along with a massive sugar processing plant.

From burritos to canapés to seafood, you definitely wouldn’t be starved for choice. You’ll find almost every popular cuisine of the world. If you love Italian, you’re in luck! Sweet Basilico Café- The best restaurant in Fort Collins is an Italian one. The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant is running close on its heels and banks on its amazing margaritas to do the trick. Big City Burrito and Ed’s Cantina are couple of other Mexican joints making brisk business. But hardcore American food seems to be the core preference here. You certainly won’t find it tough to get some steak, barbecue or just plain cheesy American pizzas.

With the Colorado’s University being the state’s biggest money grosser, you’ll probably find the city teeming with students. The restaurant owners are challenged to keep their young patrons contented; and by the looks of the crowd that’s bustling in most, they are doing a pretty good job. Clearly, food is not a worry here. So you could start planning on your trip to check out what made Fort Collins topple other cities to become the best.

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