Giving Kosher Fruit Baskets

Kosher fruit gift basket ideasSomeone recently sent me an email asking me whether any fruit basket was suitable to send their Jewish friend, since they were assuming it fell in the acceptable range of kosher dietary law since it was fruit. They wanted to know if there was a difference between giving kosher fruit baskets compared to others.

All fruits are kosher, but have to be inspected for bugs, which are not kosher. And every type of fruit is allowed but does not fall under Jewish dietary law when the fruit is prepared with utensils used for food that is not allowable, like meat. All fruit should be inspected to be sure they contain no bugs. Strawberries and raspberries tend to be a problem when it comes to bug infestation.

There are restrictions on products made from grapes that come from Jewish laws prohibiting using products of idolatry. Because it was used in rituals of early religions, wine was routinely sanctified for pagan uses while it was being processed. So because of this, observant Jews are not allowed to use wine or any grape products made by non-Jews, strictly speaking. Whole grapes do not fall into this restriction. You can see this applies to wine and grape juice or grape juice sweetened products almost exclusively. Just be aware of the origin of the grape product and you will not go wrong with giving the appropriate gift to your Jewish friends or co-workers. Beer used to be considered kosher, but now that beers made with fruit have become so popular, don’t expect that to be the assumption.

Giving the appropriate gift of food to your Jewish friends honors their heritage and can be enjoyed by your kosher friends and non kosher friends, it is not only the thought, but the fact that you took the time to be sure you are giving a gift that will make a memory. 

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