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This article is going to talk about some of the fine and fun dining in Austin, Texas. I want people to understand the reason why people move to Austin and it's surrounding areas. In the last few years, we have become a mecca for the best live music in the country. We are called the "Live Music Capital of the World." Not only do we have music, we have the lakes, the hill country, many many state parks, multiple museums, tons of tourist spots but we have a tremendous amount of eateries. If you have visited Austin, you will know that our saying is "Keep Austin Weird." Parts of Austin are weird, parts are not but I would like to give you a flavor of both. I am not a paid critic, I do not have champagne tastes and am by no means the dining authority. I just like to share great places to see and an assortment of places to eat from fancy to flip-flops.

Most tourists flock to a favorite place of mine on Lake Travis. The Oasis has become a point of destination, not so much for the food, but for the margaritas and the sunsets. The Oasis towers above Lake Travis with breathtaking, panoramic views of the lake and surrounding hill country. Come sunset, the entire audience breaks into applause at the beauty of the lake and day's end. It is rare to find such a serene sight but luckily Austin features many such sights. The food at the Oasis offers many all around foods such as nachos, burger, steaks and salads. Again, it is more about the scenery here, but it is a must do when you are in Austin. The Oasis is located on Hwy 620 near CR 2222.

Another point of destination is Salt Lick in Driftwood, Tx. This is an original, rustic Texas barbeque joint. Bring your own beverages, sit down family style, and you will enjoy some of the best barbeque on earth. Succulent briskit, ribs and sausage piled high on huge platters w/sides of homemade potato salad, coleslaw and mmm mmm good beans. You don't have to dress for this occasion, everyone is happy in shorts and tees. It is a casual dining experience that will leave your mouth watering for more. Take a big group, they are equipped for it and welcome it. Located RM 1826 in Driftwood. County Line is my second favorite and I can't even begin to speak about the other best barbeque on earth.

Now, for a snob plug - I love these three restaurants for a great steak, impressive seafood, an unequaled ambience and excellent customer service. They are: Finn & Porter, McCormick & Schmicks and Trulucks. OMG!! Each provide fresh seafood daily and I have never had anything that wasn't fabulous at any of these restaurants. Trulucks has all-you-can-eat fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws every Monday night. Make it a ritual. McCormick & Schmicks is now also in the Doman (upscale shopping), try the Salmon - Oh Baby it's divine. Finn & Porter has an excellent barbequed oyster dish with melted Gruyere, lemon garlic bearnaise sauce and an onion relish. To die for. These fine establishments make for a great first date and a lasting impression. Dress is more upscale.

My favorite place to eat on my birthday is Fonda San Miguel on North Loop Dr. It is a premier restaurant and has been open for over 30 years. It features interior Mexican cuisine, second to none. When I eat at Fonda San Miguel, it is always a treat for me, hence my birthday especial. The ceviche is outstanding, along with the black beans (a personal favorite) but my very, very favorite are the enchiladas suizas covered with gooey white cheese and sour cream. My family prefers the stuffed chile rellenos which are also extremely delicious. If you haven't tried this unique restaurant, call for reservations, it is always packed. For the best Tex-Mex in Texas, run over to Rio Grande in Round Rock or Hutto. Consistently, the best Tex-Mex in the area!!

If different is what you desire, try Hudson's on the Bend. It is another spot that screams culinary delight!! Excite your taste buds by sampling the wild boar, the Maryland crab cakes, veal, venison, lamb....the list goes on and it is all exquisite. Hudson's is an outstanding place because of the variation of tastes, herbs and seasonings. I have found that alot of people from out of state absolutely drool over this Central Texas cuisine.

I could go on for hours w/a list of hot spots in Austin, Tx. There isn't enough room. One more worth mentioning and then I have to go cook dinner since this has gotten my creative juices flowing. Top off your fabulous meals with a visit to Zoot for a sweet eater's haven. The desserts at Zoot are creative and innovative. One of the owners is a former pastery chef, enough said. Where he gets his ideas I will never figure out but everytime I go I am amazed at the variety and the unusual fare of gregarious desserts. Try the "Tini" for a melding of fig, grapefruit and I think ginger. Unbelievable. Zoot is located at 509 Hearn.

Hopefully, this will get you started on a mission to hit some of the finest eateries in town. There are tons more. Bon Appetite.

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